Writing Research Papers

Yazar Dilek Vidana Tavaşoğlu

Yayın Tarihi : 2006

Sayfa Sayısı : 174

ISBN NO : 978-975-7463-18-4

A research paper is an academic work in which the results of investigations on a certain topic are presented. Since an evaluation of the findings is made and original ideas of the writer are added, it becomes a unique creation when completed. Although it sounds rather difficult at the beginning, it may be achieved quite successfully if this hard and time consuming process is gone through step by step in an organized manner. A research paper is a professional document, which is a valuable credential for further academic or professional work for both graduates and undergraduates.
This book was initially created as a textbook for the students in the Advanced English Program it İTÜ, who have to write a research paper based on a topic related to their own faculty. However, it is also very useful for anyone else who needs guidance about how to write a research paper.
The authors of the book are English Language Instructors, in the Advanced English Program in Istanbul Technical University, College of Foreign Languages.

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